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15 years after capturing the power and soul of pre-country Luke O'Shea & Medicine Wheel - the studio album is released.

Monthly Archives: December 2011

The Drovers Wife

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G’day folks,

Well thanks for your patience and here is the brand new website. Big thanks Brent Eaton at Sales Sauce for the smooth and professional transition. If you like the background photo it’s the beautiful Flinders Ranges taken from the drivers seat whilst experiencing yet another incredible South Oz sunset.

It started as a whisper but now The Drovers Wife is well and truly out there. The albums official release will be in Tamworth during the Festival in January but copies are available now through this website via PayPal or through WJO distribution outlets like Sanity, regional JB Hi-Fi, iTunes and any other AWESOME independent record retailer.

The brand new video shot by the ‘way too much talent for one man’ Mr Duncan Toombs, will hopefully be hitting your Foxtel TV screens soon and I will have it up here for a sneak peak …as soon as I figure out how to do it!??

With the madness of Christmas fast approaching, I do pray you find some peace and a present in the sack that you truly like!

Best Regards and don’t forget…. there’s only one thing that God wants to know… How well Have You Loved?


Finally… The Drovers Wife

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Luke O’Shea – The Drovers Wife

Two years in the making, between Sydney, Hervey Bay and Nashville. ‘The Drovers Wife’, 12 powerfully produced tracks all penned by Luke O’Shea, his fourth CD and follow up to the multi Award winning album ‘Prodigal Son’.

Teaming up Pacific International Music (PIM) and long time mates Rob Mackay & Michael Flanders, the sole focus of ‘The Drovers Wife’ was to produce each track so that the soul and story within each song shone through brilliantly. Be it through the large scale productions of ‘Same Small Town’, ‘New England Sky’ (a duet with Diana Corcoran) and ‘The Breaker’ or through the heartbreaking delicateness of ‘The Drovers Wife’ & ‘One Shot at the Moon’, on this album, the song is King and this brand new offering from Luke O’Shea will most certainly expose him to a whole new world of music lovers and country music fans.






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