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15 years after capturing the power and soul of pre-country Luke O'Shea & Medicine Wheel - the studio album is released.

Monthly Archives: February 2012

Thank You Tamworth!!

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Happy 40th to the Tamworth Country Music Festival!

Together with Medicine Wheel we launched ‘The Drover’s Wife’ with bells, whistles and fire works!

Our 4th CD and my 12th Tamworth Festival it really did feel like a coming of age. MASSIVE Thanks to the mighty Tamworth Services Club who give us the space and time spot to explore and dig wayyyy deep into our own songs. It’s golden when we look up and see the packed auditorium as hypnotized as we become and for us all in Medicine Wheel, those shows are truly the highlight of our musical year.

Thank you to all the beautiful audiences and ‘investors’ of The Drovers Wife’ for you do keep the Wheel spinning and we sincerely do appreciate your efforts to see us ‘live’.

The Drovers Wife video is currently on CMC and anyone with anytime to request it online is greatly appreciated!

Stepping from one whirlwind into another, very best regards and safe travels!

Luke 🙂