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15 years after capturing the power and soul of pre-country Luke O'Shea & Medicine Wheel - the studio album is released.

Monthly Archives: September 2013

Lady of the Land – New Single from upcoming new album!

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G’day folks,

Well it’s a great pleasure to share with you my newest single ‘Lady of the Land’ from my upcoming album – ‘Sing You Up’ – to released in the new year.

I sincerely hope you enjoy it and the sentiment behind it.

If you’d like to know more about the song please continue reading the presser below.

Till next time – My very best regards,

Luke 🙂

You Tube – Lyric video link attached

Lady of the Land

The Story Behind: Lady of the Land

After reading Joy McKean’s latest book ‘I’ve Been There (& Back Again)’ I was incredibly inspired by her life and musical journey but more so her humbleness and loyalty to her husband David Gordon Kirkpatrick, aka Slim Dusty.

Joy together with her sister Heather were superstars long before to two likely lads from the country came along and stole their hearts – and limelight away. As was the time, the woman stood stoically behind her man and none more so than Joy who still to this day is passionately driving the establishment of the Slim Dusty Centre.

Simply – after reading her story I felt compelled to ‘sing her up’.

True to Joy’s nature the book only features Slim on the front cover and due to her commanding use of words and the authority of which she tells of every aspect of their lives together – it doesn’t take much to figure out that Joy was the multi functioning machine that drove and maintained the career, family life and vision of an Australian icon.

At the time there were no rules or tried and tested paths to follow but together Joy and Slim were trail blazing pioneers, in every sense of the word, that helped establish the country music industry that we all enjoy and revel in today.

How did the song come about:

As soon as I closed the book I had the basic melody and title of the song sitting there brewing away as it did for a few weeks, patiently waiting for some time and space in order to nut it out. When a co-writing session with Drew McAlister (of McAlister Kemp) hit a dead end without us finding an original or inspiring theme to lock into, I brought out what I had of ‘Lady of the Land’ and together we came up with a bit more of a vision as to where to take the song. Time was against us, so again it sat for a few more weeks until it’s very cryptic pieces started to create a very strong visual in my mind. When that’s clear then it’s just a matter of discipline following the gut until all the invisible pieces ‘feel’ like they are in the perfect place.

How long did the song take to write: ‘

Lady of the Land’ took a long time to write (a few solid months) as it is a deliberate cryptic song that I hope will take the listener a few times around to fully comprehend and appreciate the craft that went into it. I do want people to discuss Joy McKean and by using her words and song titles from songs that she wrote, in order to tell her story, as her – it was a serious challenge – but a lot of fun – and when dealing with Country music royalty like Joy – you have to get it right!!

Like all my songs the first person I play it to is my wife and she can be a very harsh critic! However, this time after I’d finished she made me promise if I ever had the chance to play it live to Joy I should. Well as the universe conspires I was to be playing in the iconic Tamworth Town Hall a few weeks later and Joy was to be there. Long story short – even though the Town Hall was a sell out I was only playing to one person, nervous as hell and desperately hoping she would understand the sentiment and cryptic nature of the song… thankfully she did and since then Joy and her beautiful family have been nothing but supportive and encouraging in every aspect on helping me get ‘Lady of the Land’ out there.

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