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15 years after capturing the power and soul of pre-country Luke O'Shea & Medicine Wheel - the studio album is released.

Monthly Archives: June 2018


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Many moons ago there was a band…

Medicine Wheel was its name and it was fronted by a young, singer-songwriter, called Luke O’Shea.

After living and touring abroad for eight years, throughout Canada, the United States, Japan, Ireland and Great Britain, Luke returned home to Terra Australis to pursue his music career within the evaporating live music scene. It was the late 1990’s where angst driven grunge was being replaced by more melodic alt-rock – and the competitive and corporate ‘Battle of the Bands’ – were all the rage.

After claiming a few titles – Medicine Wheel – with varying musicians, slowly built up a solid reputation as an explosive live band– but once again after returning home busted arse broke from another run up and down the East Coast, a disgruntled O’Shea stumbles across the Tamworth Country Music Festival. Greatly inspired by what he sees, hears and feels, Luke’s writing and recording takes a notable turn and soon afterwards Luke O’Shea & Medicine Wheel are signed to ABC/Universal Music Australia, giving Luke a loving step up into the Country Music fraternity. Twenty years, seven albums and nine Golden Guitars later, Luke O’Shea is now firmly established within the Australian Country Music family – and is widely regarded as one of its finest writers.

However… before completely surrendering over to the stories, instrumentation and production of Australian country music – Luke teamed up with long time collaborators, David Sleishman on drums – Kiwi guitarist, Phil Doublet – and bass player, producer Matt Fell, – with the pure, muse-driven focus of capturing the songs and the very special wikka – that was Medicine Wheel.

Now due to the politics of varying labels, managers, distributors, agents, branding and all the other bullshit that goes hand in hand with a career in music – this Luke O’Shea / Medicine Wheel project – was never released. Bizarrely – for 15 long, crazy years, this incredible collection of songs have simply been patiently waiting – just bouncing around – like a rogue Pinball.

As Luke finally decrees, “It is my sincere pleasure to finally share this project with you. It will certainly give you – the listener – an insight as to where I came from musically – and what fuelled me around planet for so long. The songs and stories are still identifiably Luke O’Shea but perhaps the lyrics are a little more cryptic with more universal themes. I sincerely love the distinct energy, power and passion behind each track – where the combined focus, musicianship and production skills of Phil, Matt and myself have made many of these songs far bigger than the sum of its parts. I hope you enjoy – and if so – please share Pinball with friends and music lovers, far and wide!”


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