Long Way ‘Round – Wins the Golden Guitar for CMT Video of the Year

Veryyyyy happy to share the news that the cheeky duet and video to the song – ‘Long Way ‘Round’ – performed with the 2022 Female Artist of the Year – Mrs Ashleigh Dallas – and directed by Luke O’Shea & Jay Seeney of Blacklist Productions – won the coveted Golden Guitar for the 2022 CMT Video Clip of the Year.

“The song is a positive prayer of sorts.” Luke says “It was released as a reminder during the tough Covid Lockdown period to just ‘take a deep breath and have a good look around!’ The fact that it’s simple message and the obviously joy, love and respect Ash and I have for each other – was superbly captured and edited up by Jay Seeney – made this win extremely satisfying!”

Shot in over 50 different stunning locations around the 2340 postcode – in particular the DAG Sheepstaion in Nundle – Luke and Ashleigh danced and performed the song repeatedly from sun-up to sun-down. Choreographed by Luke – well beyond his ability – he thankfully could lean on the line dancing skill and natural co-ordination of Ash. “It was such a funny – and exhausting day!” Luke laughs, “But I think it’s the pure joy of us being goofballs, combined with the natural beauty of the region that really connected with audiences out there!”

This win takes Luke’s Golden Guitar tally to 14 – and became the 5th Golden Guitar win from the album ‘There In The Ochre.

– Jay Seeney (Blacklist Productions), Ashleigh Dallas & Luke O’Shea – at the 50th Golden Guitar Awards, 2022.