Brand new single – from Luke O’Shea’s latest album ‘Different Drum’.

A catchy and jesty reflection on getting old!

For anyone who has woken up with a hazy, aching or remorseful head – and slowly murmured those ‘infamous’ two words – “never again!”  Then Luke O’Shea’s newest single, ‘I Don’t Bounce Back’ – is set to connect!

The latest single lifted from Luke O’Shea’s 2024 CMAA Finalist for Traditional Country Album of the Year – ‘Different Drum’, sees the lighter side of O’Shea’s writing – as he reflects upon his world that MANY of his listeners will no doubt relate to!

 “I don’t bounce back – like the way I used to!

No I don’t bounce back – for I’m no longer bullet proof!”

With guest vocalist Jen Mize adding her humour and supreme talents, ‘I Don’t Bounce Back’ is a fun reflection on getting older – and – instead of gracefully surrendering the things of our youth… well… “that devil keeps telling me I’m 21!!”

In the spirit of Jimmy Buffet and co-produced with multi-award winner Matt Fell – I Don’t Bounce Back – was written with Kirsty Bolton at one of the prodigious DAG Sheepstation Songwriter Retreats – which also highlights the catchy calypso skills of pedal steel maestro – Michel Rose.