HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY – New Single & Video – from ‘There In The Ochre’

Happy Australia Day was written with Kevin Bennett (Kamilaroi) in the hope that every day Australians will at the very least, hear and learn the names of 9 iconic indigenous human beings.

Right Now Station – Latest Single & Video – Get On Board! 🙂

Well! …firstly I sincerely apologise for dropping out for a while! 

With everyones worlds being seriously effected by COVID19 – I personally had to get my head and my heart back onto the Right Train of Thought – & it’s not been easy!

BUT – I do truly believe we are ALL the Station Masters at our own Right Now Stations – and only WE decide which train we allow to STOP or just PASS ON BY …Hate, Anger, Fear, Surprise, Contempt, Disgust or Happiness.

Me – well I am hanging out for the LOVE Train – The PEACE Train – where the destination is APPRECIATION – for the Right here baby Right Now! 

I sincerely hope you enjoy the newest single and video from my latest album – There In The Ochre – and that – like me – you can use it’s message as a modern day mantra! 🙂

Stay safe!,

Luke 🙂